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Selected work

Favicon | Sonia Margea - Graphic Designer

Selected work

Nakar Events Visual Identity - Business Cards

Nakar Events

Visual Identity, Branding, Poster Design

By Discolo Social Media Instagram Profile

By Díscolo

Social Media Content Design, Editorial & Product Photography

Deston Visual Identity - Poster


Visual Identity, Branding, Web Design, Social Media Content Design, Motion Graphics, Poster Design

HodoMoto (Mobile App)

UI/UX Design, Visual Identity, Branding, Advertising Campaign, Motion Graphics

Motorcyclist’s Travel Guide (Infographic)

Data Visualization, Poster Design

Festival Internacional de Cine de Granada (Proposal)

Branding, Advertising Campaign, Poster Design

Burning Man: Waking Dreams (Proposal)

Branding, Advertising Campaign, Poster Design, Web Design

Granada CF (Proposal)

Advertising Campaign, Poster Design, UI/UX Design, Motion Graphics

Sonia Margea: Graphic Designer (Personal Branding)

Branding, Visual Identity, Web Design, Advertising Campaign, Motion Graphics, Poster Design


Branding, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Web Design, Advertising Campaign, Editorial Design, Motion Graphics

Granada Design Week

Branding, Visual Identity, Web Design, Advertising Campaign, Poster Design, Motion Graphics

VAL Atelier

Editorial Design, Layout Design, Logo Restyling, Motion Graphics

Dia Internacional del Yoga | Poster Mock Up

International Day of Yoga

Poster Design

ESADA Yearbook (Proposal)

Editorial Design, Layout Design, Magazine

100 Years of Bauhaus

Poster Design, Illustration, Editorial Design

NEO2 Pages (Proposal)

Editorial Design, Layout Design, Magazine