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Personal Branding

After three years of indecisiveness and insecurity, I have finally managed to define the visual image of my identity as a graphic designer. I was looking for a proper way to describe the dual quality of being simple, plain and somehow even humble as well, in conjunction with being bold, exuberant and vigorous at the same time without contradicting or annulling one another. Qualities that could describe both myself in general and the way I enjoy doing my work.

This is me without any additional ornamentation because I do not need one. What I needed is something neat, concise and simple that could properly represent the real me – my name or the two initials of it using an unpretentious sans serif type. And the purple dot as a plastic sign and almost as a leitmotif, which suggests the actual resilient, determined and effective character that I own. Moreover, all the brand’s values and aims are constantly communicated through every little piece that constitutes its general image. Starting from the logo itself, the colour palette, posters and other offline and online items, they all follow the same aesthetic line and concept – modernity, freshness, versatility, resiliency, reliance, simplicity and boldness.

Sonia Margea Personal Branding | Branding, Stationery
Sonia Margea Personal Branding | Logo

As for the chosen typography, Helvetica, it is a typeface that personally intrigues me, in the sense that I could actually find myself identified with it. I believe it is impartial, neutral and fresh, honest, clean and somehow refined. As well as its adaptable, versatile and universal nature is no coincidence for being chosen to communicate to such a fairly open audience as my brand intends to target.

Sonia Margea Personal Branding | Business Cards

Colours are another factor that directly influences the brand identity. Black and white, on the first hand, capture that image of modernity and minimalism I intend to divulge, but on the other hand, it is a group of colours whose simplicity and lack of pretensions literally makes them capable of fitting in anywhere with no exception. On the other hand, purple is the amethyst’s colour, the lucky stone of my zodiac sign that makes Pisces brave, that enriches their spirituality and creativity. Because if black and white are neutral and steady, purple is the bold and outstanding colour in this equation.

Sonia Margea Personal Branding | Promotional Posters
Sonia Margea Personal Branding | Promotional Posters Mockup
Sonia Margea Personal Branding | Online & Offline Pieces
Sonia Margea Personal Branding | Web Design
Sonia Margea Personal Branding | Sticker

Finally, here is the visual identity guidelines that I created for my brand, with all logo’s versions, colour palette and other technical specifications.

In the end, I must say that the entire creative process of this project has been as a sort of therapy that actually supposed to discover and learn about myself and who I really am as a designer. I would say that it has been, in fact, a journey of rediscovering myself and that is exactly what this brand represents in the very first place – the start of a new so-to-say era.