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About me

Favicon | Sonia Margea - Graphic Designer

About me

¡Hola! My name is Sonia Margea. I am a Romanian multidisciplinary graphic designer and photography enthusiast based in Ibiza (Spain). My work mostly spans editorial design, branding and visual identity, packaging design, photography, UI/UX and web design. However, if I were to describe what I do in more general terms, I would say that my work is about helping people communicate. Not just in any way, but by meticulously thinking everything down to the very last detail.

Simple yet Bold, Minimalist yet Provocative

My aim is to help people communicate through a minimalist yet provocative aesthetic. In this context, I am committed to design engaging concepts that impact the audience and effectively impart unique experiences. Simple yet bold graphic solutions — this would be my work ethic, which I always pursue in order to not only meet expectations but also exceed them.

Sonia Margea: Spain Based Multidisciplinary Freelance Graphic Designer

From Timișoara (Romania) to Granada (Spain)

I have always been a passionate art enthusiast. I used to draw every single day, as well as occasionally I was entertaining myself by taking pictures or by writing down random thoughts and sometimes even poems. This passion encouraged me to study arts in high school in my Romanian hometown and later even bring a blog into existence in which I was quite comfortable sharing my ideas from time to time. Soon I started to digitize mostly everything I was drawing on paper which led me to create my first promotional posters for different local music events. Then, suddenly, I realized that I was no longer satisfied with just being an artist but rather prepared to discover more, broaden my horizons and eventually confront new challenges by actually evolving into a professional graphic designer. However, a part of me knew that the best way to do that was by getting out of my comfort zone, even though it seemed quite terrifying at the time. That was the moment when I decided to take the biggest step I have ever taken in my life until now — moving to Spain. And since then… I have never stopped.

From Art Enthusiast to Freelance Graphic Designer

Ever since I discovered graphic design, I have never stopped exploring outside my comfort zone. Therefore, I am constantly looking to learn new skills and improve the already existing ones, enhance my visual culture and offer my clients high-quality design services. I am also focusing on not losing touch with design industry trends and familiarizing myself with different design-related methodologies.

I am recently graduated with an Official Degree in Graphic Design and currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Editorial Design and Online Publications. As a result, today I consider myself a highly motivated, diligent and creative graphic designer who is always ready to both listen and perform.

Sonia Margea: Spain Based Multidisciplinary Freelance Graphic Designer


ES DESIGN – Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

ESADA – Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño de Andalucía (Granada, Spain)

High School of Plastic Arts (Timișoara, Romania)


Graphic Designer for Verbena Studio (Madrid, Spain)

Community Manager for Universal Mobility (Granada, Spain)

Intern Graphic Designer & Photographer for By Díscolo (Granada, Spain)

Intern Graphic Designer for Estudio 2041 (Granada, Spain)

Intern Graphic Designer for Ultramarina Studio (Madrid, Spain)

Graphic Designer for Val Atelier (Hyderabad, India)

Graphic Designer for ECIS 2022 (Timișoara, Romania)

Graphic Designer for Dark Matter Crew 23 (Timișoara, Romania)


Nominated for ‘El Mejor Proyecto Novel de Diseño Gráfico’ (ESADA Design Event 2020)

Winner of ‘El Mejor Proyecto de Diseño Gráfico’ (ESADA Design Event 2020)

Winner of ‘El Mejor Proyecto Novel de Diseño Gráfico’ (ESADA Design Event 2019)

Second Place in ‘The Creativity Contest Pasaje’ (Faculty of Arts and Design of Timişoara 2018)