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The Good Music of Romania #1

National Day of Romania

It is true that I have been away from my home country for a quite long time now, but I have never felt less Romanian just because physically I am not there all the time. I still identify myself as Romanian no matter where I go, as well as I still experience the excitement of the national holidays with the same emotion and pride as before I moved to Spain.

Today we celebrate Romania’s National Day and that is exactly why I decided to share with you a bit of musical culture specific to my country. In this sense, I propose a selection of good, joyful and energizing music that embraces not only today’s modern trends but also carries you back in time, sometimes even through specific folklore sounds. However, I could go on and on proposing many more songs, but I hope that these few are enough to inspire you to celebrate today’s festivity with a little bit of the same emotion as I do. I hope you enjoy it!

Inspiring Songs

In my case music is something that inspires me constantly. That’s why I think a good playlist plays an important role in the creative processes of a (graphic) designer. Sometimes it’s not only about visual culture, but also a way to stimulate your creativity is through the exploration of new musical genres and through the discovery of new songs. Also, I remind you that whenever you want to get inspired by my musical universe, my Spotify playlist is open for you to dive into. I promise variety.

I hope this gives you an idea of how beautiful but also cool my beloved country can sound! Happy Romanian National Day!

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