This new project came out from the desire of sharing a little part of my identity as Romanian, revealing the wonders of my land, as well as promoting its traditions, customs and culture by encouraging local producers.

Well, grandpa could be one of those local producers and actually, was his passion for manufacturing this beverage that inspired me to build this (fictional) brand in the very first place. Harmoniously flavoured and goldenly tinted, not only an alcoholic beverage but a part of our culture – vinars.

Hohanu' | Label & Packaging Design (1)
Hohanu' | Branding, Packaging & Label Design
Hohanu' | Label Design - Big Bottle
Hohanu' | Label Design - Medium Bottle
Hohanu' | Label Design - Small Bottle

Because each time a bottle of vinars opens, people are gathering around. Family and friends, all the loved ones – it is important to stay together and united, to celebrate, enjoy each other’s company and to sometimes forget at least for a moment about our problems, have a drink and just seize the moment. Because, occasionally, life could seem really tough, customs change, times change, but vinars does not. Because it is ours, part of our identity as Romanians and that is why it will stay the same forever, tasting exactly as we want it to taste like.

Hohanu' | Stationery & Branding
Hohanu' | Branding & Label Design (2)
Hohanu' | Branding & Label Design (1)
Hohanu' | Branding & Label Design (1)
Hohanu' | Label Design - Brand Story
Hohanu' | Label & Packaging Design (2)

Nonetheless, family is what inspired me from the very beginning, as well as everything that surrounds me. That is why I insisted on conferring authenticity to this brand by emphasizing the whole magic and experience that comes along with this particular beverage, by presenting a setting that seems effortless, casual but real and expressive. In this sense, we would like you to join us on a journey right to the heart of a rural decor, at foot of the Zarand and Codru-Moma mountains, bathed by the waters of the Crișul Alb river, where Gurahonț – village part of the region of Crișana preserves the craft of traditional vinars.

Hohanu' | Gurahont Village Plate
Hohanu' | Gurahont Laurul Factory Up View
Hohanu' | Gurahont Village Up View
Hohanu' | Family

A double refined alcoholic beverage obtained by the natural fermentation of apples, pears and plums. A based on fruits and additive-free production aimed to reveal the authentic taste of real, properly and naturally grown fruits, that follows the same natural, good and healthy recipe that has been used in our region since always. Or at least since the double distillation of alcohol method has been acquired by our people when the occupation by the Habsburg Empire took place in the 18th century.

Hohanu' | Branding & Label Design (3)
Hohanu' | Ingredients - Apples
Hohanu' | Ingredients - Pears
Hohanu' | Ingredients - Plums

On the other hand, graphically speaking, Hohanu’ is the intersection point where tradition meets trends, where Romanian embroidery-like motifs are transposed and adapted to today’s aesthetical tendencies (apparently defined by the compulsion of simplifying everything as much as possible and at a very fast pace). Yet everything is designed based on veracity, authenticity and honest emotions, along with a tiny hint of rusticity as a symbol of the Romanian village.

Hohanu' | Branding & Label Design (2)

The website has been carefully designed following the same bold and minimalistic visual principles as used throughout the entire brand’s visual identity. The website’s content tells us the story of Hohanu’ and reveals the manufacturing process of the beverage. And, nevertheless, it is a website that allows the user to effortlessly contact the provider and to easily place an online order when willing to purchase the product in question.

Hohanu' | Web Design Mobile & Tablet Version
Hohanu' | Web Design Mobile, Tablet & Laptop Version
Hohanu' | Product Promotional Catalog

However, Hohanu’ could be not only about our family or Crișana, but about all Romanians from all over the world.

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