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Granada Design Week

First team project of our third year at ESADA – Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño de Andalucía that consisted of designing the entire graphic identity for Granada Design Week – a special event that our school hosts every year with the aim to show to the world our work, skills and achievements, as well as to encourage people to maybe collaborate or be a part of our school someday in the future.

Considering that we are the ones through which anyone can discover design and not just anyhow but from a young and fresh perspective, we managed to adopt an aesthetic that screams design, tendencies, youth and freshness for its own. So the final graphic image presents a minimalistic, but energetic appearance that provides a sensation of dynamism, movement, fun and youth.

It is an event through which it is expected to somehow reveal our potential, by allowing people to discover us – because we are authentic, creative designers whose identity need to finally stand out so the world sees it. Moreover, this entire project revolves around us, our community. Which is why the entire graphic image is adapted to this concept – the creative identity that each one of us has, as designers. To illustrate it, we approached a simple, symbolic but expressive graphic element, which is the fingerprint. Because alike fingerprints, each one of our design pieces is unique, even if we are talking about a poster, a dress, a chair or an interior. Because, after all, design is another way through which we can identify ourselves.

A quick animation revealing the four design courses that our school offers – fashion, interior, product and graphic design, as well as the great number of design-related activities that can be found within the week in question.

This proposal’s creators, besides me, are El Chico de Nieve, Sopa Graffica and Patricia Prieto. However, due to the pandemic circumstances, the chances of hosting this event’s sixth edition are low – but never zero. So let’s remain positive!