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ESADA Yearbook

First team project of our second year at ESADA – Escuela Superior de Arte y Diseño de Andalucía that consisted of designing the yearbook’s layout for the 2020/2021 course. Here are some of the first concepts, however, the final result changes a little its appearance.

So everything created for this project was inspired by our school but also inspired by us, the students and our professors. This is reflected in the yearbook’s content and appearance, thanks to its fresh, modern and vivid design. However, the aim of this project was to highlight the fact that our school is an awesome one, with talented students, hardworking professors, constructive activities and life-changing experiences. The reason why the whole yearbook has been conceived in such a way that it provides visual impact and calls the viewers attention.

The aesthetic and contents of the yearbook reveal all these wonderful moments by simply approaching them with an energetic and lively colour palette, interesting topics and emotional interviews that make you want to know even more about the school and what’s happening inside it. I could actually say that this project is more than just a simple yearbook. It is about getting to know the people that are studying and teaching inside ESADA and learning from their experiences. It is about making you curious and giving you the desire to join a great and supportive community that does nothing but broaden your horizons.

This proposal’s creators, besides me, are Ángela Libre and Patricia Prieto.