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The Good Music of Romania #2

Inspiring Playlist: Sensitive, Romanian Good Music

It is true that I have been away from my home country for a quite long time now, but I have never felt less Romanian just because physically I am not there all the time. I still identify myself as Romanian no matter where I go, as well as I continue to enjoy and appreciate good local music as before I moved to Spain.

Today I propose an inspiring playlist that has helped me throughout the development of several photographic projects. In fact, this playlist complements the reality evoked by the Lesson in Mechanics project, but it is also the basis from which a new, much larger project has recently been started. I will provide more details on that project soon. In the meantime, I invite you to live a pleasant listening experience and a deep one at an emotional level, as the songs’ lyrics I propose today could recall a sense of melancholy.

It hurts to think you know it’s gonna hurt again,
It hurts the fact worse.
It hurts the second you stop hoping,
When there’s nothing left of yesterday.

Even if you know how not to say a word,
Don’t treat me any way, because you’re no saint anyway.
Your burden in me grinds bright and the pain won’t go away.
Keep or throw away all that’s left in you, b don’t let me fall.
I’ve already believed in it, but my wonder is gone and a sun has set.
A place where the sky buries itself in the ground, there I wait, there I am.

Let me run away from this hideous world.
Let me run away somewhere but not home.
I’m looking for somewhere to hide from this angry world.
I want to be anywhere but home…

Hope is killing me, but I hope you’re what you already are.
I don’t know where you’ve taken me and you have no idea what you told me.

Let me sleep, don’t wake me up,
There’s nothing left to save, so you should better mind yourself.
Don’t bother to understand anything, history is just a cliché.
Forget me, say I don’t exist. Pack your bags and close the door behind you.
Turn me away now, just like a stranger and don’t come back when it’s hard for you.

When all that was mine will be someone else’s, can I forgive or can I just lie that I can somehow forgive?
You could lie that I’ll still be here somehow, but we know so well to forget.

For days and nights on end,
I looked for you among flowers, among mountains and stars…
And I couldn’t find you.

I’m one step away from falling,
Nobody’s sorry that I’m not yours…
But I’m your joke, so entertain me with it.

I’ll stay on my way, but I can’t get back to you.
I’ll stay the same, while time is taking me along.
But I can’t get back to you…

I trace your steps in this cold room,
Leaving fingerprints all over your skin.
I creep inside your mind…
So notice me, I am near you
Go on, take all I can give you.
I see the truth in the sunlight,
I see the truth in your white lies.

I open up and you shut me down.
I want to run away but you catch me again.
I want to scream but you tell me to shut up.
Why do I do it?
I throw myself like a child, I listen to you, I am obedient and humble.
Why don’t I leave, why do I indulge?
I gave you power over me…

In my case music is something that inspires me constantly. That’s why I think a good playlist plays an important role in the creative processes of a (graphic) designer — or in this case, of a photographer. Sometimes it’s not only about visual culture, but also a way to stimulate your creativity is through the exploration of new musical genres and through the discovery of new songs. Also, I remind you that whenever you want to get inspired by my musical universe, my Spotify playlist is open for you to dive into. I promise variety.

I hope this gives you an idea of how beautiful but also cool Romanian music can sound! Enjoy!

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